About Us

Helping someone become their "best self" is the most rewarding part of our day.

We dare to imagine an abundant world where both physical and emotional health is optimized. We believe our patients well-being matters. That’s why we look at your complete body system and dedicate time to listen and know your frustrations. Your initial visit will be spent discussing your concerns and goals with your medical provider and can take up to an hour. Everyone is different, and we must discover what is best for you.

Because you matter.

Meet Your Practitioner,

Tyfanae Brinke, ANP

I am an outdoor enthusiast who fell in love with Alaska and the spirit of her people. I relocated here from Mississippi and knew from the very start this is where I should have been all along. I am married to the love of my life and best friend, Hans Brinke. We are the proud parents of 3 daughters and 1 son, all of which are growing to show their own unique personalities. We love all things family; skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, fun runs, movie nights, camping, and of course good food and laughter. Being a Medical provider, Mom, and Wife is a great responsibility and with that responsibility comes Huge reward. It is with the love and support of my family that empowers me to make a difference in my patient’s lives every day.

Why I became a Family Nurse Practitioner

My goal is to make a difference in the world, and to do that I must strive to make a difference with every patient I see. Helping someone become their “best self” is the most rewarding part of my day. To make a difference in this world I have to make a difference in their world. One life at a time, one day at a time.


Meet The Team

Hans Brinke
Office Manager

Hans Brinke is the office manager for Empower Medical and Wellness. He is a dedicated husband and best friend to the love of his life, Tyfanae, and father to their four children. Hans recently retired as the Director of the Alaska State Troopers after almost 28 years of public service. Hans' goal is to continue serving the public, just one patient at a time.

Medical Receptionist

Teresa recently joined our team and is quickly fitting in well into her position as medical receptionist. Teresa lives here in the valley and was born and raised in Alaska. She is happily married to a military gentleman and has one daughter. She loves animals and has three fur babies.

Certified Medical Assistant

Jamie is our national certified medical assistant. Her main goal everyday is to make someone smile, laugh or simply leave our office happy. Jamie has been on our team since mid-2020. Her passion to help people has led her to have a career in healthcare. Jamie has had the privilege of traveling all around the united states giving her a diverse background and making a great addition to our team.